About us is about you! We are as unique as you. It's all about you, that we care. We dream, we think and we do because of the way you dream, you think and you do.

Therefore, with us you are bound to experience an inquiring journey as we unearth customized solutions just for you that address your specific needs and challenges.

Social Returns was born in 2014, but we have just turned a new leaf now with you. A breath of fresh zeal surges within us as we collectively create positive impressions on each other.
You define us. You are About us.
Our services involve the use of variety of communication techniques that addresses challenges in systems, processes, or modes of production within a specific program or location that has not incurred major technological advances.

We use different mediums and approaches to help individuals/groups and communities among the targeted society to acquire new knowledge and skills to guide them and experience change as well. We achieve sustainability in our communication by placing the people of the community in the centre of the communication process.
  • image_develop Sustainability
    Sustainability is important to us because fundamentally, we believe it's the right thing to do. We make no claim to be perfect. What we claim is that we are strategists, creative thinkers and students of behavioral science.

    And we understand that all actions have an impact – both on the communities we live in and more widely. We develop programs that help sustainability concept make more sense, ordinary and feasible. We are pragmatist. We see loads of wonderful things happening for the future, from conserving vital resources, to bolstering social security and sparking the economy.
  • image_bulb Strategic
    We believe in an evidence-based, results-oriented process, undertaken in consultation with you and your stakeholders. With us you will receive solutions that are cognisant of your local context and favouring a multiplicity of communication approaches, to stimulate positive and measurable behaviour and social change more than you desire.
  • image_setup Social
    We believe, we can transform social media enabling it to influence positive behaviour at an individual, corporate and government level. With us, you will experience empowerment and will be able to make social media a potent driver to bring a POSITIVE social change for your needs.
  • image_develop Stakeholder
    We understand how much your stakeholders mean to you. We can engage with your stakeholders and identify social and environmental issues that matter most to them and impact your relation with them. We can help improve the decision-making and accountability quotient between you and your stakeholders.
  • image_deliver Branding &
    Creative Communication
    We believe that building brands now requires a cultural movement strategy through which you will achieve kinetic growth. The simple truth: 'YOU' branding is real and imperative. It is positive, passionate, and powerful. We help build this road that leads to your best leadership selves.
  • image_deliver Crisis
    The Engagement Era is here. It is key to manage reputation and manage crisis in the ever evolving landscape. We observe and experience that people are engaging more with each other and the brands and issues they care about in entirely new ways.

    Today, people are taking control as citizens and consumers. We understand this new era because engaging people in conversations that matter to them is what we always do. This has enabled us to offer solutions in the advent of crisis and risk to reputation.
We are what we are! We deliver independent, informed and innovative communication solutions based on a deep understanding of your needs and challenges. We strive to maintain a competitive edge through boutique offerings that include operational excellence and innovation. We focus on deriving extra value: environmental and social value that is beyond economic value through deep stakeholder engagement.

Our experience encompasses all the major sectors including Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mobility Solutions, Automobile, Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Telecommunication, Reputation Management Consulting, etc.